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Black Ankle Straps


Ankle straps are great equipment for lower body cable workouts. With the EstherFit Ankle Straps, you can sculpt & tone your legs, glutes and Abs. These adjustable leather ankle straps are made with faux fur inside which make them comfortable and and easy to use.

Ankle Straps are great for workouts such as; Cable Lateral Lunges, Cable Hamstring Curls, Cable Hip Abductors, Cable Kickbacks, Weighted Cable Crunches, and much more.

Included: 1 set of 2 Ankle Straps & Bag


Workouts Engage YourGlutes, Hamstrings, Quads & Core/Abs.
Improve: Your Balance, Strength, & Physic
Burn Calories - Build Muscle:  Get in shape!