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Hey there! Im Esther, and wanted to introduce myself to you.

I was born & raised in Seattle, WA my entire life.

Fitness is my biggest motivation in life. I was called “anorexic skinny” throughout my teen years in middle & high school. I always had a fast metabolism so it was nearly impossible for me to put on any weight back then. I was inspired by many fitness athletes I was following back then, and always dreamed to have a body like them one day.

At 18 I started weight training. As years progressed, I started putting on more muscle weight. I started falling in love with my body to the point where the gym became my addiction. I started inspiring others to get in shape by posting my before & after’s on social media. I received many message inquires asking about my dieting and what my workout routines looked like. So then, I started sharing more workout content to inspire & help others out. I finally decided to launch my own fitness brand that would help anyone to get in shape, whether you're a gym regular or working out at home.

Everyday I’m thankful for everyone of my followers support. I did it all because of you! I’ll continuously be providing workout content on how to incorporate my  bands into your daily workouts. If you're new to my website, add me on IG so you can follow along my fitness journey. @estherfit_