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Unicorn Glute Band


Medium Band - Medium Resistance 
Transform your body by working out with the EstherFit Glute band. You can lift, sculpt, and tone your legs or abs anywhere you are in the world by just simply using this band. This elastic Glute Band is made with the highest quality fabric. Comfortable, and won’t slip or roll off by the anti-slip technology on the inside of the band. 

Included: Unicorn Glute Band & Mesh bag


Workouts Engage YourGlutes, Hamstrings, Quads & Core/Abs.
Improve: Your Balance, Strength, & Physic
Burn Calories - Build Muscle:  Get in shape!

Favorite Workouts:

1. Squats 

2. Donkey Kicks 

3. Side Plank Clamshells 

4. Bulgarin Split Squat 

5. Right- Left Duck Walk Squats 

Glute Band Introduction Video 

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